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When you need a professional physical therapy clinic “near me” in the Salt Lake City area, consider several things including:

“What makes Zenith Physical Therapists one of the best Physical Therapy Sandy Clinics ?”

Zenith Physical Therapy clinic in Sandy is a reliable and the most trusted Utah clinic in the region. We have the most professional and experienced team to help you achieve the results you need. In addition, we have a large treatment facility where clients of all ages can optimize their recovery. Further, our dedicated mentoring team has a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. Our priority is to bring wellness and growth for each individual. On the other hand; we use the most modern state-of-the-art equipments hence, you can be assured you will get quality services. Over the years, we have improved the quality of life for our clients thanks to our brilliant team of experts. Our mission is to provide outstanding assistance to our clients professionally.

Why choose our services

Our therapists are well trained and certified hence you can expect the highest level of service. We listen to our clients needs and then take the next steps of inspiring them .In addition; we encourage them to try new things that will make them regain their strength mentally and physically. We pride ourselves to having helped thousands of clients reach their fitness goals. Our services are available 24/7 hence; you can count on us in case of emergency services. Further, all our assistance come at an affordable rate. We have a dedicated team of customer service who will schedule for you a convenient time for appointment. We provide outstanding clinical duties using cutting edge innovation. Our clinic provides therapeutic support like cardiovascular services, neurological services, orthopedic and sports, medicine services etc.

Let’s look at what makes Zenith Physical Therapy clinic one of the best physical therapists;

Our services

Therapeutic services

We provide personalized treatment to our clients. Further, we conduct qualitative therapeutic assessments where we take you through the process at your own pace. We provide well organized and supportive management sessions by concentration on each client supportive needs. Our supportive services include; anger management and conflict resolution intervention, substance abuse counseling etc. Through our therapeutic services, we take clients through the three levels of anger management. The session can take between 5 to 15 weeks depending on individual response and the issues being discussed. Each day we can arrange for a 1 to 2-hour sessions. On the other hand, we provide unprecedented mental health aid where we arrange a session to take you through all your mental needs. We offer quality clinical assessments through our experienced and well qualified licensed therapists.

For conditions that are tailored to the diet, we provide nutritional therapy duties based on the associated symptoms. We always ensure that the diet is based on the patient’s diet history as well as the medical history.

Physical therapy

We understand that there are countless reasons of seeking physical therapy services. We provide our assistance based on your unique situation. Our therapist team is dedicated to help you improve your general body wellness. Based on your goals and needs, our specialists will take you through the process with utmost care. We have a wide range of disciplines offered at our clinic .For instance; we provide treatment to people suffering from acute and chronic pain, back and neck pain, sports injuries, shoulder pain etc. Likewise, we provide unique massage services where we use different techniques and movements using variety of pressures. In fact, most of our clients today have started to recognize the importance of our assistance. On the other hand, we have variety of equipments that will be used to facilitate your healing process. Such equipments include elliptical machines, weight machines, resistance bands, physic-exercise ball, stationary bicycles etc.Our therapists are ready to restore your highest level of function.


We have a team of neurologic clinical specialists who are well trained in the area of neurologic therapy. Their work is to examine and evaluate patients with an injury of the central nervous system. Likewise, they recommend treatment to restore a patient mobility so that he or she can lead a normal life. Our neurological therapists work around the clock to alleviate pain. In addition, they help in improving the patients’ coordination and balance. We understand that when a person has encountered an injury in the brain or spinal cord, he or she is unable to control specific functions and movements. Therefore, we use a comprehensive treatment approach where our team focuses on the movement patterns, flexibility, balance and tone.

Orthopedic and sports medicine

Our clinic therapists are ready to help you overcome your injury or pain and get you back to your normal life. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of providing unique help that correct any injuries associated with sports. We have individualized care plans that will help you get back on shape within a short period of time. Our therapists give you one on one attention hence you can be assured of quality aid. We provide unsurpassed treatment by organizing for therapy treatment designed to alleviate pain related to sports injuries. We train your body to build endurance and restore normal functioning. If you are a competitive athlete looking forward to making full recovery, make an appointment with Zenith clinic to restore your normal physical functioning.


Our therapists prescribe a safe and effective formula of correcting cardiovascular issues. Further, we offer expert advice to help you return to your normal health. Since cardiovascular conditions can affect the normal functioning of the circulatory system, we have a team to take you through aerobic conditioning to give you a fresh and energetic look. We provide a supportive environment to help patients achieve their greatest comebacks.

Dry Needling

Come see our Dry Needling Experts in Sandy Utah.

In a nut shell, Zenith is the cutting edge of how a therapy clinic should look like. We work towards fulfilling the patients’ needs in the most professional manner. Most patients come back for our services since they are unique compared to other therapy clinics. Our team of physicians is compassionate and provides longer and productive treatment sessions. We are excited to providing the above services by giving you more options for all your health care needs. If you are looking for a results-focused care and individualized treatment plan that is convenient for you, contact our clinic for all your medical needs.

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